1 May 1999: the child who follows us


“The child who has followed us for 2000 years”

In this diary entry, Göran reflects on Nathes, the child that he has heard has been with him and Chreel for 2000 years. This child has been in both worlds, the spiritual and what we call the real world. Göran asks Nanthes the following:

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30 April, 1999: Leaving the past


“Our higher selves are helping us”

The trip to Israel trip was really for us to experience memories from the past. It was also for us to leave behind the images we carried with us. Then we could be part of ushering in the new age that is to come, and it will go from man to man, and woman to woman. . .

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Spring 1998: Meeting our higher selves


We sought contact with our higher selves

My work was strenuous, physically and mentallyI used to start early in the morning and work through until late evening. After work I came home to Chreel and together we continued another form of work. This work was to try to get in touch with our higher selves, with who we really were. The evenings and nights were long; I was sometimes so tired I wondered what would become of me. “D

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A gorilla was asked about the Earth

Koko, the gorilla that can talk with humans, was recently informed of what was at stake during the world’s climate-related summit. Edited for brevity and continuity, this is how she responded.
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Autumn 1990: I was about to die


I wasn’t allowed to go into the light


It happened one August day in the Autumn of 1990. I got a sudden pain in my chest. It grew worse and worse, like I was being cut into. Before I could think, “I’m going to die” I found myself in a tunnel that sloped gently downwards.  

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