13 March 2003: The masses



The meaning of the right hand and the left hand

Amper  wonders why I am so slow to get “right hand left hand”. I dream of crowds of people forced to steal, and leaving.

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20 Februari 2003: Speeding up my efforts


Going further and faster – can’t change events

Amper reminds me how well the writing is going, and that events are pre-determined. I  dream I am traveling in Germany, wearing only a blanket.

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13 February 2003: Seismic events


Unprecedented volatility: the Earth changes

Amper praises Göran/Jorun because he now knows what he should do. He also dreams of signs of what is happening  in the Earth’s interior.

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27 October 2002: So many are trapped


Queue to the doctor – and to trapped souls

Along with many, many others I visit a special doctor. I start to understand what I should do about all those people who are trapped.

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16 september 2002: Feeling alone


Longing for home it hurts so much

Goran feels lonely and discouraged that no one understands him and what he does.  Images of water, held back, waiting to be released with incredible force come to him. A key is needed to release the water.

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9 september 2002: Into the light and back


Chreel goes into the light and returns – for now

I showed Chreel the way through the tunnel towards the light. This is the tunnel where I do my rounds  morning and evening,  helping people to the other side.  She did not want to come back with me. Does that mean she will leave her body soon?

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