8 March 2007: Ten years left


Ten years left until the great change

I visit heaven in worn-out shoes, get a job to deliver the Earth and realize that we have ten years left of what we call reality.

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17 April 2006: I caused the big bang


Shown the way to what we are looking for

I release the energy trapped in a sphere, a woman comes out of a man’s body. A new era is coming. A party is being laid on for us. We are going somewhere new, and we will be guided there, we just need to follow.

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31 March 2006: Curtain call


The play is over; final bow for the actors

I see how everything is an illusion and how it must be that way. Like a play, when it is over the actors take a bow and everyone goes home.

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22 September 2005: Living dead

2014-12-31 16.02.24fb

Dead living and as a newborn child

I meet myself as a newborn child. Simply dressed, I find myself aboard a boat not knowing if I can get off it.

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21 June 2005: Illusion

2014-11-09 21.33.33fb

What is illusion and what is reality becomes clear

More and more of the nature of my mission becomes clearer. In a dream, I understand that all my thoughts are captured in a central place far away and high up.

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