27 October 2010: Won First Prize


Thinking what lies beyond the beyond

What is impossible is actually possible for the Creator. I have met God and have been beyond this universe and to all past, future and all parallel universes.

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17 Octobre 2010: Rest



Finding time to recuperate before the harvest

I contact Amper. He tells me nothing can go wrong now. I should take care of myself, and I meet myself in a dream that tells me this.

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16 August 2010: Butterflies


Two caterpillars become butterflies

I  meet a man who seems to be able to control the nine musicians.I go with a young woman from the school of life to a higher position in another reality.

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14 April 2010: Naked


Disrobed and scalped, I dream I am dreaming

I dream I dream and get scalped by a doctor with a razor-sharp knife. I stand naked in front of a council of wise men and women who are about to make an important decision. And I find out my rounds last night didn’t work properly.

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1 January 2010: Fences


I drive through fences to a new life

Mankind will live in harmony with itself and nature for many thousands of years. But first the catastrophe has to come.

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4 September 2009: Summit


Race to the summit

I get into a skiing competition where everyone else drops out. I get apprehended by the police who charged me with saying something I am not allowed to say. Am I living in an illusion?

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8 June 2009: The children


The time is close: we must take care of the children

I dream I lose everything. I take care of many children. It is now urgent that we store food and supplies to be able to care for the children as catastrophe is near.  

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21 May 2009: Hell


Visited Hell, with its ovens and trucks of souls

This month contains some really horrible dreams – being chased by the Devil and visiting the factory of Hell and the trucks that supply it.

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