14 April 2009: Few left


Few will survive the collisions

Amper praises me for what I have done. I will find out the dates for the collision in due time. In the meantime I need to put my experiences down in a book. I dream of things being left for a later date, and how few will be left. I guess humanity needs a chance to prepare itself.

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6–7 April 2009: Ask Amper


Life will start anew after the nine musicians

The Earth has to be hit. Humanity will be extinct otherwise. I ask Amper about the collision with the nine fiddlers that I have seen in my vision. He tells me it will happen soon and that it has to happen. My partner Chreel is in hospital with a serious illness.

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24 February 2009: Freedom


Freedom is a place where money is irrelevant

I dream of how I have suffered, been imprisoned but freedom is waiting for me. And there is a place where money has no relevance.

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4 February 2009: Disaster and extinction


Portent of a coming disaster

I dream of small animals with razor-sharp teeth that treat me with great care. And I see how people are totally unaware of the magnitude of the catastrophe about to hit their world.

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30 December 2008: I’m ready


The moment when the universe changes

I get the task of helping people unite with their inner partner. I discover I have shed most of my baggage.

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23 November 2008: Disaster brings renewal


A higher consciousness comes out of disaster

Mankind is feeling fear. An insecurity. They know deep down what is coming. This insecurity causes financial crashes and aggression. The end will be good.

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9 August 2008: Given everything we need


Humanity could have had everything; instead it left the gifts unopened

I understand how the nine fiddlers will bring everything to an end, which is the start of a new beginning. It didn’t have to be this way.

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7 April, 2 Maj 2008: Chaos will strike


Nine fiddlers will strike the Earth

I dream of the chaos that will break out on Earth after the nine fiddlers strike.  I meet a woman who knows the title of the book I am thinking of publishing. I meet someone in the woods, probably the creator himself.

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