30 November 2007: Plane crash


Many souls in line to get ahead

I see many souls queuing in front of the checkout counters in a store without staff. I believe that they may be those who perished in a plane crash in Turkey.

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9 August 2007: Dancing with God


Met the devil and danced with God

I visit a convalescent home where souls rest before moving on. The devil gives me a horrible yellow gas but I am unharmed, and dance with joy with God

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1 August 2007: Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit will change everything

Words about the Holy Spirit come to me. I wonder what that means. And I have to infiltrate a suspicious company.

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9 July 2007: Saying yes


I am married to the task of spreading the message

In a dream I meet victims of a plane crash. Another dream reminds me of my commitment to doing the work I have undertaken to do.

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