Final entry 2016: Over to you

Göran Hägglund

I gave you the answer – now it is up to you

This diary contains – after many years of hard work, going against almost everything – the question and the answer. I feel I have done all I can do by publishing my work as a diary and I am happy to share it with you.

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January 2016: Gratitude


Tacksamhet till universums hjälpande själar

Just denna resa är slut. Budskapet är nu uppfattat. Göran tackar för allt stöd och hjälp som han fått på vägen mot förståelsen.

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June and July 2014: Tilting



The Earth will remain after tilting 

I dream of a house that tips over. It is the Earth. No-one will be able to do anything about it. 

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March and April 2014: Lost


People are lost on an island on the other side

On the other side I meet the lost victims of a plane crash. I start to make foundations, like we will have to start all over from scratch.

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January 2014: The Earth tips


The collisions makes gigantic changes on Earth

My vision of a circle that changes direction tells me the collisions will change the Earth’s axis.

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November and December 2013: Time


Forwards and backwards in time and universe

I get to see the whole universe as a spinning basin and can move both backward and forward in what is called time. I was feeling like I got lost in my thoughts, but Amper gives me courage to carry on.

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October 2013: Gas


Insight about the arrival of the nine musicians 

Free of dogma, my brain feels positive recognition throughout the day. Insight comes in my dreams that the asteroid collision will release gas. I try to understand how the spirit leaves a man’s body in female form.

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