25 January 2012: Evil


Ice fishing nearly finishes me

I was out on the ice too long, and got tempted by the dark force just to lie down and die.

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24 January 2012: Fishing


My fishing line gets caught – what am I missing?

Amper tells me all the universe is talking about me. And that message about the Olympics, I will understand it in good time.

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6 January 2012: Sky


A glass roof with a heavenly view

Two men sit  with me and work hard. My dreams come back, I understand almost all their symbolism.  

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18 och 25 December 2011: In contact still

2015-02-16 11.27.02fb

Eyes that hold the whole universe

I meet a pair of eyes that contain everything that exists. This is probably what is was like before the dark force took over. And the contact is not broken with the other side.

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21 and 29 July 2011: Separation


Why did the spirit flee the body?

The spirit fled from the body because it could not stand the forces of darkness. This killed many planets. But on Earth it is coming back.

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