4 and 21 February 2013: Waiting

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Many people are just waiting for a new age

I talk to Amper, the crowds I see are those people waiting for a new age to come. I realize how much what I do is thanks to a woman.


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4 February

Göran/Jorun: – I’m shouting out, searching for you, calling you, my other self..

Amper (always italic): – Jorun, I’m here.

– It’s been a long time since we last spoke, more than two months.

– Yes, Jorun, everything is good in every way, both with you and all of us here.

– We spoke once about this thing in 2011 – can I include it or will be too heavy?

– Wait a while before you decide. You waited with the other thing you were not sure of. After a while you felt ready to include it. Do the same with this.

– Yes, it’s probably best to do so. It will mean a break from writing now and again.

– You will manage to get everything done that you should; there is no problem with that.

– Is there anything else that has occurred or will occur that I should know about? I have begun to get some control.

Yes, Jorun, it’s going in the right direction.

– How’s things with my favorite?

She is ever at your side at all times. She cannot understand what she’s been through in her life. She is still astonished.





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21 February

Göran/Jorun: – Shouting out, searching for you, calling you, my other self.

Amper: – Both Chreel and I are here, Jorun.

– Is the connection good?

– Yes, as good it can be.

– Last time I wasn’t on the ball.

– We can all have our days, that’s the way it is.

– In my dream last night, I think both of you called me?

– Yes, Jorun, that’s right.

As Chreel and I used to say back in the old days, everything is as it should be.

–Jorun, it is always good with you. You sometimes get ideas from something dark but you usually handle it.

– Yes, I’m who I am.

– Jorun, now it’s as close as it can be. You have recently been working with your mind and your heart so much that you cannot understand. It is as you say it is when it does not seem to be happening that it happens.

Well, think I sometimes I see the crowds.

– Yes, quite right. These people are waiting for your revelation. Their souls have waited for this for eons of time, been waiting for you – waiting for the new age soon coming. You understand that you’re taking care of yourself like never before, sometimes you are as silent as time itself, sometimes you rejoice over every living thing.

Chreel, how are you feeling?

Chreel:  Jorun, as it was said earlier, I am always with you at all time. I ask you again, how do manage to do it all?

If the help and love is there, I can do anything, Chreel.  Amper – is there anything else I should pay attention to?

– Jorun, everything is correctly put in place. Everything is ready and manifested for your life on Earth. It can only be as you wish.

I will be on the lake a lot this summer.

–Yes, that is the right place, the place you wanted to be your whole life. I see you at a barrel, smoking fish, I see you in the boat rowing with a smile, I see you as the one who loves everything. You on Earth.


––––– ooOO – OOoo –––––


I dreamed this morning I was out hiking. I was going to a red house that I had stayed at or visited many times. I walked and walked but did not find it. I come to a river or stream. It had been excavated under a bridge, there were lots of pipes and bends in the way and it did not look as if I could cross.

A woman came to my aid. There was now something like a machine or vehicle that would take me over this hinder. The woman and I could now get across together.

That I could get across was completely thanks to the woman. I think it was Chreel in another guise.

Yes, I do not know what it was. Maybe after a few days the answer will come to me.

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“You sometimes get ideas from something dark but you usually handle it.”  













“Their souls have waited for this for eons of time, been waiting for you – waiting for the new age soon coming.”