Physics says other universes may exist

According to a recent article on the BBC website, physicists have proposed several candidate forms of “multiverse”, each made possible by a different aspect of the laws of physics. Insight from Görans diarie’s seem to have more sense that one might first imagine. Read the full article here. Read diary entries where Göran mentions  other […]

March 2013: Earth Survives

  Although wounded, the planet will survive I clearly see what would have happened to the planet if I had failed my mission. Amper tells me it is soon and I did what could be done.

24 and 27 September 2012: Date confirmed

Amper confirms the date for the disaster I have now been given the date when the nine musicians arrive and disaster occurs. I am expecting a letter.

27 October 2010: Won First Prize

Thinking what lies beyond the beyond What is impossible is actually possible for the Creator. I have met God and have been beyond this universe and to all past, future and all parallel universes.

17 Octobre 2010: Rest

  Finding time to recuperate before the harvest     I contact Amper. He tells me nothing can go wrong now. I should take care of myself, and I meet myself in a dream that tells me this.

1–2 September 2009: Clarity

New souls to be reached The foundation is laid. Time for a new house, a new switching box, new communication.

1 December 2004: I am watched

  My work is creating echoes in other universes My work is getting noticed, it seems. And I am being protected so I can do it. It is like I am running a marathon that lasts forever.