1 September–12 October 2001: The light


Understanding the light

Intermixed with dreams Göran, recounts his experiences of helping people into the light. He has premonitions of something completely new happening. Insights into how everything is one and that one is love continue to come to him as he resolves to go back to what he once was.

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20 July 2001: Love rules unseen

20 july 2001



The greatest force of love rules unseen

Göran pays close attention to his feelings and writes them down.  Writing your thoughts, meditations, dreams or just that which comes to you can give very powerful insights. Like just opening up to the possibility that love rules.

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2 February 2001: Alarms sounding


Alarm and concern throughout the galaxies

Göran feels a strong presence of someone of something or someone. He finds out a giant collapse is coming.

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11 March. 1st July 2000


“I saw freedom, myself and  another world”

 I was watching TV one evening. That’s when it came to me. I saw the illusion. It was like It was standing to one side, watching myself.

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8 November 1999


Love finds a way

I was floating,  in total harmony. I was looking  infinitely far away,   at white stars, points of light. I saw them as suns. White streaks joined some of them together, some longer, some shorter.

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26 May, 2 June, 30 July, 19 August 1999


From way back to now

Chreel sees herself from the 10th century, Jorun finds out what happened around Elijah’s cave and memories of past cosmic disasters turn up, even as Jorun receives visitors from another dimension.

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9–21 May 1999: Past lives and present


Ona and Amper engaged forces holding the Earth

Göran is told the name of his higher self, and finds out about the forces holding  the Earth. Ona and Jorun are close to understanding the meaning of life.

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