4, 7 and 15 September 2012: Write me


Amper’s letters calm me

I believe that the nine will hit already within the next few days. I am anxious. Amper reassures me it will take a few years. I need to collect resources to provide for my children after the collision.

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1 and 12 August 2012: Karma bank



There is an account of life

After a much needed rest I get back to working on the book that needs to be printed. I dream of a life account, what you do goes into the account and affects the next life.

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2, 7 and 16 July 2012: Higher consciousness


The children are the future

I am concerned about the planet is being plundered, but I look to the future with confidence. The children who are born now have received a higher consciousness. This means the future, after the disaster, looks bright.

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25 and 26 May 2012: Governance


Love as the Supreme Board

What I call reality is a form of governance. There is a force and a power so big and so full of love that neither I nor Amper can touch it. We can only try to do our best.

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20 and 27 April 2012: I know


A long trip coming to an end

I dream I am almost home from a long fishing trip. Nothing should go wrong. It’s been difficult to get started with the writing. I realize I don’t need to ask Amper so much. I know the answers in myself.

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18 and 21 Mars 2012: Pleasure


I meet with joyous people

In a dream, I see joyousness like I have never seen before. Someone then touches my psyche carefully. I will find out about the nine soon.

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17 February 2012: Watched



The ten year-old who hid in the woods

The child Nanthes has waited for 2000 years for what is now happening. I meet myself as a ten year-old in a dream, a child who is being sought by two men.

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