June 2013: Accidents


Crashing into a sturdy road barrier 

I get into an automobile accident that I do not understand the meaning of. Amper says something is imminent.

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May 2013: Disaster avoided


The asteroid is blown into nine pieces

I drill the asteroid with explosives to reduce the impact. Maybe we can save life on Earth. It means a chance to live in higher consciousness. 

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April 2013: Lightning in my head


A startling and perplexing mini-stroke

Out fishing, I got what felt like a fuse blowing in my head. Something needs to be renewed for me to be able to continue my contact with Amper and the other souls.

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March 2013: Earth Survives



Although wounded, the planet will survive

I clearly see what would have happened to the planet if I had failed my mission. Amper tells me it is soon and I did what could be done.

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4 and 21 February 2013: Waiting

2014-01-16 15.28.04fb

Many people are just waiting for a new age

I talk to Amper, the crowds I see are those people waiting for a new age to come. I realize how much what I do is thanks to a woman.

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9 and 20 January 2013: Two Worlds


It strikes me vividly how I live in two worlds

I met an old friend; it made me realize I now live in two worlds. And a dream tells me a new world will be born, but it will be a difficult birth. 

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9, 13 and 19 November 2012:


Lonely man with many patrons

There four years to go until the big bang. I carefully select material for the book and realize how much support I am getting. 

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1 and 28 October 2012: Significance


I cannot see where I came from or where I am 

I dream my hip has healed.   I join a group hiking and end up not being able to see. Amper says I do not see what it is I am doing.

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